Gold Investment for Beginners

Gold Investment for Beginners

Today in this article we will talk about Gold Investment for Beginners, apart from this we will talk about more things related to it like investment in gold, how to buy gold?, buy from jewelery shop, or online, sovereign gold bond(s).gb) What is?, What is Gold ETF? What is Gold Mutual Fund?

Gold Mutual Funds vs Gold ETFs, is it necessary to have a demat account to invest in gold, the benefits of investing in gold will be known in this article.

So let’s start by reading this article carefully about some basic information related to Gold Investment for Beginners and get good information about Gold Investment.

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Invest in Gold

First of all, let’s talk about investing in gold, everyone knows about investing in gold, investment means buying gold and keeping it with you as you have other things.

If we keep it with us, then gradually its value starts decreasing after a time but it is gold which keeps on increasing with the passage of time.

The best thing about gold investment is that whatever inflation is increasing in it, then gold also becomes expensive along with it.

If someone is keeping money with him. So that money day by day gradually its value will decrease but someone has kept gold with them.

So the value of gold will increase, if someone had bought gold 10 years ago and kept it with him, then the money that he would have bought gold at that time, then the price of gold today will be considered as the same price.

To understand this, it is enough to compare it with the value of money.

What are the benefits of investing in gold, let’s see how much profit is received over time. Is.

To know how big gold is over time, type in Google Gold History Rate, then many websites will come in front of you, out of which you have to click on a website Bank Market.

Looking at the initial rate of gold from 1964, it is clear that gold has increased very fast with time, according to today’s price ** the rate of gold 24 carat was of 10 grams in 1964 63.25 **

In 1965 the price of 10 grams was 71.75 , in 1970 the price of 10 grams was 184.00 , in 1975 the price of 10 grams was 540.00 , in 1980 the price of 10 grams was 1330.00 , in 1985 the price of 10 grams was 2130.00 , in 1990 the price of 10 grams was Price was 3200.00, in 1995

The price of 10 grams was 4680.00, in 2000 the price of 10 grams was 4400.00, in 2005 the price of 10 grams was 7000.00, in 2010 the price of 10 grams was 18500.00, in 2015 the price of 10 grams was 26343.50, 2020 The price of 10 grams was 48651.50,

Today’s rate of 24 carat gold 10 grams is 48240.00

You can see how the rate of gold is big in the past years, if you have extra money, then don’t reduce the value of money by keeping that money with you. With that extra money, you can buy gold and keep it. Gold can give you good returns in the coming time.

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How many ways can we buy Gold

Now let’s talk about how many ways we can buy gold. To buy gold, you can go to the shop, which you used to buy gold from the shop earlier also. Gold has always been in demand in our homes, whether it is the atmosphere of marriage. Or to give a gift to someone, or to make a women’s favorite bracelet, buy from the Gold Shop.

But it will not be called investment in gold. Because when you do not get the return of the gold bracelet jewelry at which the gold bracelet jewelry is made, because the price which is at the time of making the bracelet, we get less than that price while selling.

People who had to invest started buying gold coins and when they needed money, they used to sell gold coins which made them lose less.

If we talk about today, then this thing is still there, if someone wants to buy a coin, then one can go to the shop or buy it online, now many online websites have come.

Here we are sharing the name of some website from where you can buy gold This is the website of Tata company. People have more trust on this website. With this you can buy digital gold online. Gold is of 2 types, one is physical gold and the other is virtual gold.

Physical gold is the gold that we buy in our homes to wear gold bracelets, jewelry, which we can keep with us, they are physical gold.

Keeping physical gold with you is more risky because the fear of theft, fear of getting lost, all this can happen with physical gold. in virtual gold

There is no risk if you want to invest then you can buy virtual gold online. You can watch this video to know more details about Gold, its link is given here.

What is Sovereign Gold Bond

Now let’s talk about what is Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB, we have to go to the website of RBI Bank, it is a kind of government policy, RBI Bank Sovereign for those people who want to invest in Gold. Gold Bond or SGB.

Understand Sovereign Gold Bonds or SGB, the government offers people if you want to invest in gold. So from here you can buy Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB as a bond.

There is a condition in this that you can sell Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB after a time, at least after 8 years you can sell gold. In this your money gets blocked.

If someone wants to sell Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB then he can sell it before 8 years or anytime just he has bought Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB through Demat Account.

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What are the advantages of Sovereign Gold Bond

  1. The advantage in this is that the government gives 2.5% interest on its behalf, whatever the rate of gold is increasing according to the market, it will get it as well as bonus point 2.5% interest will be available separately.
  2. You do not have any kind of fear in Sovereign Gold Bond, neither the fear of being stolen nor the fear of being lost nor the fear of being fraud because RBI Bank is behind it.
  3. Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB is a good investment. If you want to invest in Gold, then it can prove to be a very profitable investment. Sovereign Gold Bond or SGB Your investment is completely saved as it is being implemented by RBI Bank itself.

You can watch this video to know more details about SGB, its link is given here.

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What are Gold ETFs

Now let’s talk about what is Gold ETF, Gold Exchange Traded Fund, whichever exchange is BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange), they have the option of gold fund. You can buy gold by investing in it.

How to buy Gold ETF To buy Gold ETF you need to have a demat account. You can buy Gold ETF anytime. And can sell anytime. Gold ETF is a good option to invest in. After Sovereign Gold Bond for the investor, if one wants to buy gold, then he can buy SGB. After that Gold ETF is a very good option.

to invest. You can buy Gold ETF through online demat account, all the banks have the option of Gold ETF for the investor.

In Gold ETF, you can invest from 1 gram to 10 grams or more gold. When you want to cash out the gold ETF, you can sell the gold shares through an online broker and get cash or gold equivalent to the value of the gold ETF.

Gold Mutual Fund

Now let’s talk about Gold Mutual Funds Gold Mutual Funds are open-ended investment products that invest in Gold Exchange Traded Funds (Gold ETFs).

Their net asset value is linked to the performance of ETFs. There is no demat count required for this. It can be invested like any other mutual fund.

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Gold ETF vs Gold Mutual Fund

It is easier to invest in gold mutual funds as compared to gold ETFs. You can invest in Gold Mutual Funds directly online or through its distributors.

On the other hand, you need to have a demat account to invest in Gold ETFs. In Gold Mutual Funds, AMC invests its corpus in Gold ETFs for returns.

Apart from this, Gold Mutual Funds vs Gold ETFs allow investing through SIP. Which was not a Gold ETF earlier.

Gold Mutual Fund allows you to buy gold in installments and its value is fixed at NAV. So instead of investing in grams of gold, you invest in mutual funds in rupees, whereas gold ETFs usually allow a minimum investment of 1 gram of gold.

Gold mutual funds, gold ETFs and SGBs are digital investment options that do not have purity and safety concerns and charges like investing in physical gold.

If you are looking for investment options and don’t want to open a demat account or want your gold investments to be managed by a fund manager, then gold mutual funds can be a very attractive investment option for you.

If you do not want to open a demat account, you can invest in gold mutual funds. This is also a good option to invest. To know more details about Gold ETF vs Gold Mutual Fund, you can watch this video, its link is given here.


You must have understood about Gold Investment for Beginners through this article and now you must have understood the investment as well, how you can invest in Gold.

We have talked about this in full detail. What is Gold Investment? In how many ways we can buy gold, what is sovereign gold bond, what are gold ETFs, what is gold mutual fund, where to invest gold ETF vs gold mutual fund, how to invest.

So this was some important information about gold investment for beginners. You will get a lot of information related to such and share market in this blog.

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