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What Is Investment

Investment means investment in which we invest any of our things for some time.In which we expect more profit from it in the coming time, it is called investment.

Time, money or any other such thing in investment, which should not be used for yourself at that time and keep it by blocking it.In the hope that there will be more profit from it in the coming time.

To explain the investment properly, here we are giving some examples so that you can understand easily.

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Akhirat’s Investment

This is the best investment in investment. Finally, that is, the investment after death, in which we hope that by helping someone with some money or by serving him or removing some of his troubles, we hope that we will get its reward.

Expecting this reward is only one way of investment, if we do not expect reward then no one will help anyone with our money or anything else when we help with the intention of reward then it is an investment.

When no coin will work in the future, then the coin of goodness will work, at that time we will remember this thing in all our investments that I wish we had not made any other investment in the world except Akhirat when nothing would work at that time.

That’s why we all need to do something for ourselves that will be useful after death.

Investment In Agriculture

Farming is also an investment in which the farmer puts the seed in the ground so that later on that seed will produce many more flowers, if the farmer does not expect that some fruit will come out of this seed.

He will not invest by putting that seed in the ground, he does so in the hope that by putting this seed in the soil, he will get many fruits and flowers, which will benefit him.

Investment In Education

In this, we tell our children to read and write from childhood and want them to succeed by reading and writing. Even after taking any kind of trouble, parents teach their children in the hope that they will be successful by studying and writing, which will benefit them, so this is also a way of investment.

Time Investment

When someone does a job somewhere, he is actually investing his time there and takes some profit in return, that is, money, then it is a kind of investment.

In which a person invests his time and in return takes some advantage of it, that is, takes his price, whose time is more valuable, the more he gets his money or benefit.

After so many examples, now it is hoped that you must have understood what investment is called. Now let’s talk further about how many types of investment are there.

What Are The Types Of Investment

You must have come to know about some investments in the above example, now let’s look at some other investments that are left.

Investment In Gold

Investment in Gold Everyone must be aware of this, since childhood, we see that our mother and Khala Phufi have gold ornaments. Which she keeps very well that sometimes time will come in handy. We will talk about this in detail later.

Investment In Business

We all know about business that no business is done without investing money, so the money we invest in the business is our investment. In which we can benefit manifold from that money in the future, but this will happen only when we are able to do the business properly or else it can also have the opposite loss.

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Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment We also know this since childhood, when our grandfather or someone else used to buy land on his own time, then later its value would increase a lot, it proves to be a very good investment. Which also benefits the coming breed.

Investment In Share Market

investment, we will know about it very clearly in the coming article that how to invest in the share market, what is the mistake that you should not do, you will know from the entire tehsil.

Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual fund investment is a part of a stock market, but the risk is slightly less in it because it is invested by a manager in many companies.Whose a manager is managing it according to his own, so it is very good for those who have little knowledge in the stock market, we will also know the details of it further.

Investment In Bank

Investment in the bank is generally considered to be a very popular and easy investment in which people make FD in the bank but it is the worst investment, in which only the bank benefits.

And the one who is doing FD in the bank does not get any benefit because the inflation has increased more than the returns in the bank, but if he does not calculate so much, then he does not even know and he keeps on doing FD in the bank.

And we are not getting any return on his money, we never recommend this investment because firstly there is no benefit to the person doing it, secondly there is also a matter of interest interest which we should not do, so just know it here. That one should not make FD in the bank.

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Why Should You Invest

As we have discussed above, what are the types of investment. From that you must have understood that whether to invest or not, it also happens automatically. If we invest consciously, then we will get the benefit of it, otherwise the investment will be done unknowingly.

It is a folly to not invest consciously, which will have to bear the consequences if not today or tomorrow.

For example, if a child did not study well in his childhood, then later he has to bear the loss everywhere.

Similarly, if a farmer did not put a good seed in the ground and or did not put a good seed but after that he did not take care of it, then he would not get anything except his hard work wasted, so as we understand all these things in the same way. We should also understand investment.

Investment Is Right Or Wrong

Although investment is a very good thing and a very important thing, but just like any thing overdose does harm, in the same way if we put everything in our investment, then it will also do harm for us.

Like if we have 100 rupees and we invest all the money, then we will eat, should we invest our savings money in investment, just try that we can save as much as possible.

For example, as a farmer saves some seed from the crop produced by him, that it has to be put in the ground again next time, he does not do that, put all the seeds in the ground as much as it has been, it would be foolish to do this.

Similarly, we should invest only our savings in investment and try to save as much as possible after fulfilling our needs.

An advantage of investing is that you will also be able to avoid extravagance. When you learn to invest, you will not spend extravagantly, but by investing the same money or your time, you will be able to take more advantage of it.

Benefits of Investing

Any person does any work when his benefit is clearly visible to him, if the benefit is not clear to him, then he is unable to do the work, so here we are telling you some benefits of investment so that the matter is understood properly.

There are many benefits of investing as we have already mentioned. Now let’s talk about some more benefits.

  • Will be able to meet his needs well and will not have to spread his hands in front of anyone.
  • We will be able to help someone if needed.
  • You can take the society towards progress.
  • Will be able to participate actively in social work and will be able to help people.
  • With the passage of time, inflation also keeps rising, with investment, we can beat inflation, otherwise inflation will lag behind us.

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How To Invest

Now let’s talk about how to invest, so far you must have understood what kind of investment is, so now you know how to do it.

There is no special thing in investing, it is very easy, maybe you are already doing it, you just did not understand it.

Here are some ways to invest.

  • You can invest the Hereafter by helping the poor and destitute.
  • Helping your close relatives, friends and relatives who are in need in such a way that they do not realize that they do not bring favor on them, it will also be a very good investment, this will help you in the same way when you need them.
  • Always keep learning something or the other and keep increasing your skills, investing on yourself is the best investment, when you will learn something, then after applying it, you will be able to get more benefits.
  • Investing in gold stock market and real estate has become very easy now, you can invest in it online as well, its entire tehsil will tell you in the coming article.
  • Stop your extravagance and if you do any intoxication like gutkha cigarette etc.

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Who Should Invest

Although investment should be done by all people, but for those who want to live a good life and live a respectable life, it is very important for them to invest, anyone earns money but he spends extravagantly or in some other wrong thing. destroys it.

If he invests it, then he will also be saved from extravagance and he will not have to spread his hands in front of anyone.

Those who are married and have children, especially daughters, they must invest because they are seeing how much money is spent on the daughter’s marriage, apart from this, there is a lot of expenditure on education.

To meet all these expenses, investment should be started well in advance.


Investing is the only profit, the loss is very less Save as much as possible, stop wasteful spending and invest it, whether it is by helping the poor or by buying property or investing in the stock market.

If you have read the entire article, then you must have understood all the things about investment, if you have not read then here some special points tell you.

Investing is the need of the hour, if you are already doing it very well and if you are not doing it then start because the more you delay, the less benefit you will get.

If you got to learn something in this article, then share this article with your friends and tell them also.

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