SWP Calculator: Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator

SWP Calculator

What is a SWP calculator?

An SWP calculator shows the amount left from a mutual fund scheme after withdrawal. It performs complex calculations to generate the final value an investor holds in his account.

The retired personnel can expect to receive regular income after utilising this calculator. This calculator obtains accurate results in a matter of seconds, making it a convenient option among mutual fund investors.

One can accrue benefits from this calculator only after understanding its workings. Therefore, take a look at the following sections to gain clarity regarding the same.

When should you use an Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)?

Investment consultants and mutual fund advisors are recommending SWP to retired folks as the best way to draw a regular income from their mutual fund investments.

However, it is a useful financial facility for investors of all age groups, as it allows investors to withdraw a fixed amount at a predetermined regular interval and at the same time ensure their remaining investment is helping them generate additional returns.

What are the withdrawal options available for an investor?

Under the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), the withdrawal amount is fixed and an investor can choose the regular withdrawal interval.

An investor can choose to either withdraw a fixed amount on a monthly or a quarterly or annually.

With the Appreciation Withdrawal Option (AWO), an investor may choose to withdraw only the appreciated amount on a monthly, quarterly or on an annual time period.

Withdrawal options can have a detrimental effect on the value of the investment and it is recommended that an investor opts for a realistic withdrawal amounts, keeping in mind their needs and their end goals.

How does an SWP calculator work?

A systematic withdrawal plan calculator consists of a formula box where one needs to input the following information:

  • Total investment amount
  • Monthly withdrawal
  • Annual return rate (expected)
  • Investment tenure Alternatively, one might use a complex mathematical formula for SWP calculation. You can take a look at the formula below.

A = PMT ((1+r/n)^nt – 1) / (r/n))

Let us break the components of the given formula and understand them precisely.

  • A: This is the future value of an investment. In simple terms, this is the value of a current asset based on an estimated growth rate.
  • PMT: PMT is a payment per period in terms of finance.
  • r: This signifies an annual rate of return.
  • n: Compound numbers in a given period are denoted by “n.”
  • t: This is the number of periods in which an amount is invested. To simplify the workings of an SWP calculator further, let us refer to an example.

For instance, an individual has invested Rs.60,000 for a tenure of 1 year and follows a systematic withdrawal of Rs.1000 per month. Further, the expected rate of returns stands at 10%. After monthly withdrawal.

the final value at the end of 12 months is Rs.53,459. When you calculate this manually, it becomes difficult and leaves scope for inaccuracy. However, an SWP calculator brings out accurate values in seconds.

Now that you know about the working of this calculator, it is vital to learn about the several ways to use it.

Benefits of using the Mirae Asset’s SWP Calculator

  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator shows you how through SWP you could have generated fixed cash-flows for you till you had sufficient unit balance in your account.

  • Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator also shows how with moderate rates of withdrawals, SWP has the potential of generating both fixed cash-flows and capital appreciation in the long term.

You can change the withdrawal amount in the Mirae Asset’s SWP Calculator to see how long you can continue your SWP and / or your final investment value post all the SWP withdrawals

How does SWP work?

SWP generates cash-flows by redeeming units of your mutual fund scheme. The number of units redeemed for each SWP payout will depend on the SWP amount (as specified by you) and the prevailing NAV on the date when the SWP payment is made.

How can a SWP calculator assist you?

Under SW scheme, an investor has to invest a particular amount. He can withdraw a certain fixed amount periodically – monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually. After the withdrawal, the amount will be deducted from the investment while it will continue to accumulate interest.

While, it is not easy to calculate the actual amount, this Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator will help you calculate a tentative amount. This Systematic Withdrawal Plan calculator easily computes your matured sum as per your monthly withdrawals precisely.